dsc_5888Lee Nash was born in Shoreham-by-Sea, England and grew up in Grahamstown, South Africa. She now lives and works in the Charente department, France. She has been an in-house editor, a freelance proofreader and an editorial designer for a UK publisher. She is also a flautist with an honours degree in music from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.
Her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies and have been placed in various competitions.
Previously published
Biscuit Publishing, 2003 Poetry and Fiction Prizewinners
Female Study I: On the scent
Female Study II: Self-portrait
Female Study III: Bernadette
Female Study IV: Babushka
Female Study V: Glass eye
Subprimal PoetryArt Ezine, spring 2014
The French Literary Review, Issue 23, April 2015
Atelier Mouche
The Lake, May 2015
Kitchen haiku
Black Poppy Review, 6 May 2015
I saw the orange moon
Recipe for a waning moon
Ink, Sweat and Tears, 27 May 2015
Silver Birch Press, 'Me, As A Child Poetry Series', 28 May 2015
The core
The Dawntreader, Issue 31, summer 2015
Living frequency
Snapdragon Journal, Issue 2, 2015
The World Haiku Review, June 2015, neo-classical haiku, haiku of merit
Haiku (winter slips away)
Silver Birch Press, ‘All About My Name Poetry Series’, 10 July 2015
Haiku (in a sweet meadow)
Cyclamens and Swords, August 2015
Lee (meaning meadow or wood)
Plum Tree Tavern, 6 August 2015
Tanka (it flows fast)
Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal, Issue 72, summer 2015
Virginia’s stones
Allegro Poetry, Issue 6, September 2015
To my dog, in all his disguises
The Poetry Shed, 9 September 2015
Sweet Sue
Eunoia Review, 29 September 2015
Tanka (the damsons)
The Ekphrastic Review: writing and art on art and writing
Reflection on a portrait, 29 September 2015
Tanka (Now he’s escaped), 1 October 2015
Haiku (storm debris), 5 October 2015
The Interpreter’s House, Issue 60, 2015
The forgotten season
Shot Glass Journal, Issue 17, September 2015
Estate agent function
Tanka (I patch the quilt)
The Journal (UK), Issue 46, 2015
Her father’s rosary
The watching cycle
Brittle Star, Issue 37, October 2015
Kind of a Hurricane Press, The Four Seasons anthology, 2015
Four seasons haiku
Silver Birch Press, ‘When I Hear That Song Poetry Series’, 15 November 2015
Tainted love
Pankhearst, Slim Volume: This Body I Live In anthology, 2015
Lighten Up Online, December 2015
Coming of age
The New Verse News, 5 December 2015
Flight check
Ribbons: Tanka Society of America Journal, winter 2015/16
Tanka (I wore you out)
The Dawntreader, Issue 33, winter 2015/16
Sentinel Literary Quarterly, 4 February 2016
Payer le café
Lighten Up Online, Issue 33, March 2016
Hypotenuse hypothesis
The Fat Damsel, Issue 7, Part 1, 2016
Single parent evening
Poetry and Business, Volume 1, 2016
First purchase
Haibun Today, Volume 10, Number 1, March 2016
Putting his back into it
Pankhearst Fresh, 10 March 2016
Atlas Poetica, ‘I’ll Be Home’ feature, spring 2016
Tanka (contentment)
The Dawntreader, Issue 34, spring 2016
To your mothers who wear the khata
Wordrunner eChapbooks, ‘Devices’ anthology, spring 2016
Musings on Mars
The Miscreant, Issue 9C, 2016
Madonna of Paremoremo
Air on a sterile environment
The Road Not Taken, spring 2016
Death on a suburban estate
Moving on
Zoomorphic, Issue 5, 2016
Writing for Peace, DoveTales, ‘Family & Cultural Identity’ anthology, 2016
Triolet for a newborn 
Muddy River Poetry Review, Issue 14, spring 2016
Chinese lanterns
Two-star mini-break
Kind of a Hurricane Press, ‘Storm Cycle 2015: The Best of Kind of a Hurricane Press’ anthology
Four seasons haiku
Angle, Issue 8, 2016
The apple cart
Whirlwind, Issue 8, 2016
The magnolia and the eclipse
Lighten Up Online, June 2016
Talking to myself on Carcans Plage
A Hundred Gourds, 5:3, June 2016
Haiku (a bride at sixteen)
Mezzo Cammin, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2016, ‘Featured Poet: Six Takes on Edna St. Vincent Millay’
And all the storms
Avatar Review, Featured Poet, Issue 18, June 2016
Platinium (78)
Sister Bartholomew
The burn
The silent orchid
Unbothered shopper
The World Haiku Review, June 2016
Shintai Haiku, first and second places, and Vanguard Haiku, honorable mention
Haiku (ice-cold in the bedroom)
Haiku (migrating cranes)
Haiku (wedding quilt)
Contemporary Haibun Online, Vol. 12, N° 1, April 2016
On rising, to find my heart is empty
Presence, Issue #55, 2016
Haiku (new grey hair)
Haiku (mistletoe)
Kind of a Hurricane Press, 'Secrets and Dreams' anthology, 2016
Head trip
The Poetry Porch (The Sonnet Scroll), 2016
Sleeping bees
The algebra of the snail
The Ghazal Page, Issue 59, 2016
Emptying the mermaid’s purse
The Asses of Parnassus, 25 August 2016
The ununs
Wild Plum, Issue 2:2, autumn/winter 2016
Haiku (the wingtips)
Wildflower Muse, 2 September 2016
The Asses of Parnassus, 23 September 2016
Sir Rich
Paper Swans Press, e-pamphlet for National Poetry Day 2016
Letter to the Editor
Poetry Salzburg Review, summer 2016
Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, 1984
Miserere mei, Deus
Modern Haiku, Issue 47.3, 2016
Haiku (oysters' lips)
The Frogmore Papers, Issue 88, September 2016
Arachne Press, 'Shortest Day Longest Night' anthology, 2016
Happy hour
Zoomorphic, 'Driftfish' anthology, 2016
Zetetic, 16 December 2016
The peregrine impediment
Under the Radar, Issue 18, winter 2016
Eclectica, Jan/Feb 2017
Flotsam and jetsam
Ambit, Issue 227, January 2017
Trauma: an introduction
Southword, Issue 31, February 2017
The page turner
hedgerow, Issue 107, February 2017
Haiku (white lies)
Visual Verse, Vol. 4, Chapter 4, 2017
Failed Haiku, Issue 15, March 2017
Senryu (depression)
Senryu (he builds up)
Senryu (paper snowflakes)
Senryu (roadside wreath)
Senryu (the sun on her French plait)
Inner Voices, International Women's Haiku Festival, 15 March 2017
Haiku (under the folds)
Senryu (bumblebee)
The Haiku Foundation, Haiku in the Workplace, March Equinox, 15 March 2017
Senryu (we leave the intern)
Competitions and Prizes
Equal third prize in The Northampton Literature Group Competition, 2003   
African queens
Runner-up in the Voice & Verse Love Poetry Competition, 2003
Summer wedding
Runner-up in the Bluethumbnail Competition, 2011
Honorable mention, Goodreads Newsletter Contest, May 2015
Musings on Mars
Finalist, Goodreads Newsletter Contest, July 2015
Commended, Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition, August 2015
Bone china
Highly commended, Plax Jewellery Poetry Competition, 2015
Honoree, The Binnacle Annual Ultra-Short Competition, Fall edition, 2016
Oil and cotton
Merit award, The 27th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest, 2016
Haiku (sheets of rain)
Finalist, The Hysteria Writing Competition, published in the 'Hysteria 5' anthology, 2016
Two inches numb
Joint winner, tinywords writing prompt challenge, Issue 17.1, March 2017
Haiku (my late night)
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Judge, IBPC, July, August and September 2016:
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